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Fees and Waivers


  • There are no fees charged to elementary school students.  They may however purchase items such as lunch, insurance, etc. as a convenience.


  • Student Fee (Grades 6-8) - $12.50

  • Activity Fee (Grade 9) - $25.00

  • Scheduling Fee (Grades 8-9) - $3.00

  • Mailing Fee (Grades 6-9) - $5.00 annually (for parents who wish to receive school communication in hard copy by mail rather than electronically)

  • Textbook Rental Fee (Grades 6-8) - $25.00

  • Textbook Rental Fee (Grade 9) - $30.00

  • Fine Arts Fee - $12.00

  • Science Lab Fee - $10.00

  • Intro to Career and Technical Education Course Fee (Grade 7) - $5.00

  • Writing Software Fee (Grade 9) - $6.50

  1. HIGH SCHOOL (Organized grades 10-12)

  • Activity Fee - $25.00

  • Scheduling Fee (Grades 10-12) - $3.00

  • Textbook Rental Fee - $30.00

  • Mailing Fee (Grades 10-12) - $5.00 annually (for parents who wish to receive school communication in hard copy by mail rather than electronically)

  • Lab Fee for Biotechnology, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry - $35.00

  • Science Lab Consumables Fee – Not to exceed $20.00

  • Individual Life Skills Course - $40.00

  • Visual Art Lab Fee - $15.00

  • Band/Orchestra Small Group Instruction Fee (Desert Hills cone-site schools band/orchestra students only) - $5.00

  • Cleaning fee of school-owned performing arts uniform - $25.00

  • ACT Prep Course Fee - $50.00


  • Registration Fee - $65.00

  • Textbook Rental Fee - $30.00


A participation fee will be charged for athletic activities as follows:





Boy/Girl Basketball






Track/Cross Country




Boy/Girl Soccer


Boy/Girl Tennis


Boy/Girl Golf






Note: (1)  Students should pay for their own meal costs when they are scheduled to participate in away activities.

Note: (2)  When a participation fee has been paid, and lodging costs are incurred for away activities, a maximum of $25.00 per student/per night will be charged.

Travel costs, to cover expenses only, will be collected at the time of the event for participants in the following secondary school activities.





Field Trips

Drill Team


Curricular Club Travel


Schools may make available additional goods and services for purchase.  These goods and services will be offered as a convenience to students and do not constitute a fee.  Such goods and services could include but not be limited to the following:

  • School Lunch Elementary - $1.90

  • School Lunch Secondary - $2.50

  • School Breakfast Elementary/Secondary  $1.25

  • Accident Insurance (Grades K-9) - $9.00  

  • Accident Insurance (Grades 10-12) - $16.00

  • Football Accident Insurance - $75.00

  • Advance Placement Exam - $91.00

  • P.E. Clothes - $ Variable (Not to exceed $15.00 – See Policy 3400.3.7.18)

  • Sports Physicals - $ Variable

  • Yearbook - $ Variable                                                                                  

  • Class Ring - $ Variable

  • Graduation Cap and Gown - $ Variable

  • Graduation Announcements - $ Variable

  • Dance Tickets - $ Variable

  • Field Trips - $ Variable

  • Media Services - $ Variable

  • Etc. - $ Variable

  • Non-curricular Clubs - $ Variable

G.   Academic Credit Recovery Cost (Grades 9-12) - $50.00 per quarter – regardless of number of credits recovered.  Summer School Credit

Recovery Cost (Grades 9-12) - $50.00 per summer session.  Millcreek enrollment has a built in fee of $65.00 per year to cover recovery costs.

  1. Restitution Class Attendance Fee (Grades 7-12) - $5.00 for each one-hour session


  • District-owned band instrument rental fee - $75.00 per year – District-owned percussion kit rental fee is $50.00 per year

    • All precussion students fee - $25.00 per year. 
  • District-owned string, woods and brass instrumental rental fee - $10.00 per month or $75.00 per year if paid by October 31st.  

  1. Math Calculator Rental Fee - $20.00 per year

  1. Driver Education Fee - $100.00 for the course

  1. Late library book charge in grades K-12, will be assessed at a rate of five (.05) cents per day up to a maximum late fee limit of $3.00, at which point the item will be considered lost and the student will be charged the cost of replacement.  Textbook fees will be .25 cents per day with a maximum late fee of $5.00, at which point the item will be considered lost and the student will be charged the cost of replacement.  If a book is returned after replacement costs have been paid, the cost of replacement will be refunded minus any damage charges.

  1. School Chartered Club Fees (Grades 7-12) – Annual membership dues for any school-chartered club shall not exceed $20.00.  All national or state affiliated clubs shall not exceed the national and state membership dues assessed.  No fee may be assessed to cover cost of a t-shirt or other identifying clothing.  These things may be provided by the school for purchase, but purchase of such items must remain optional.

  1. Cheerleaders and drill team members shall not be charged more than $900.00 per year to cover the cost of uniforms, travel and camps combined.  Fundraisers may be used to meet additional costs (see 3.7.17).

  1. Athletic and/or other clinics are optional and attendance cannot be mandatory, or used as criteria for selection of team members.  Fees for such programs are variable and must be disclosed in advance of participation to allow families time to plan and budget for these opportunities.

  1. Secondary students participating in performing groups or on athletic teams must provide their own personal supply needs not to exceed $200.00 per team or group.  The cost of “Spirit Packs” must not exceed the cost of the contents and cannot be sold at a profit.  The cost of “Spirit Packs” must be disclosed prior to the beginning of the season (tryouts where applicable) and may not exceed $100.00.

  1. Uniform Purchase:  Participation in some physical education (PE) courses and some performing arts courses may require a student to purchase a simple uniform.  Required uniforms are considered student supplies and may be purchased anywhere.  Generally such supplies will be made available for purchase from the school as a matter of convenience for parents.  Schools will not be allowed to charge more than the cost of the uniform, up to $15.00 per uniform grades 6-9 and up to $25.00 in grades 10-12.  Choral or instrumental formal wear may not exceed $200.00 per class.

  1. Materials Fee:  Classes in which the student develops a personal project, such as ceramics, shop, clothing, and other CTE courses, will require the student to purchase the materials needed to complete the project.  These charges shall not exceed the cost of materials.

  1. Cost of Replacement Fee:  Schools may charge a fee of $5.00 to replace items lost by students.  This fee would cover lost planners, locks, ID cards and bus passes.

  1. Charge for Returned Checks Fee - $20.00

  1. Class Change Fee - $10.00 for schedule adjustment, regardless of how many course changes are involved in the adjustment, if the change is not required for graduation or necessitated to accommodate an approved class change.

  1. Foreign and Out-of-State Student Fees:

·   Foreign Student Application Fee - $100.00

·   Foreign Student Tuition Fee - $6,500.00

X.   Open Enrollment Application Fee:  Applications to be considered for enrollment outside of attendance area must be accompanied by a   

      non-refundable fee of - $5.00.  (Utah Code Ann. 53A-2-207 and 208)

Y.   Disciplinary Transfer Fees:  Students referred to the Focus Center for disciplinary infractions will be charged a fee of $75.00 for access   

      to learning materials.  If the materials are returned in acceptable condition $25.00 of the fee will be refunded.

Z.   STUDENT FEE TRANSFERS:  This procedure is concerning charges and payments that will be made each quarter of the school year for  

      students transferring.  Students transferring out will be refunded 50% of the total sum up to the end of the first semester, and 33% of the

      total sum up to the end of the third quarter.  Students transferring in will be charged 100% in the first quarter, 75% in the second quarter,

      50% in the third quarter, and 25% in the fourth quarter.

SOLICITATION OF FUNDS PROHIBITED.   All soliciting of funds from school children for purposes other than school activities and school projects is prohibited.  Exceptions to this rule may be made by written permission from the superintendent.

FEE WAIVER ELIGIBILITY: https://www.schools.utah.gov/policy/law