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Congressman Chris Stewart & Mayor Jon Pike visit Sandstone Elementary

Congressman Chris Stewart & Mayor Jon Pike visit Sandstone Elementary

Sandstone Elementary was all a buzz today with the visit of Congressman Chris Stewart (Rep. Utah’s 2nd District) and Mayor Jon Pike (City of St. George).

The school’s 5th graders were treated to a informal assembly in the school’s library to hear the two representatives speak about local city, national government and to answer questions that the students have in general. Mayor Pike spoke about how cities are responsible for delivering services such as roads, power, sanitation, parks and infrastructure to its local residents. He spoke to the students about being “owners” in their communities and taking part and pride in the area they live.

Congressman Stewart started off introducing himself to the students by letting them know that he was a pilot in the Air Force, an award selling author and a Congressman in Washington D.C. representing the state of Utah. After he opened the floor to the students to ask any questions they would like to. From the questions asked, Congressman Stewart told stories of flying jets in the military, crash landing (everyone safe) a helicopter, inspiration for writing his novels, and his love of country and why he chose to run for congress.

Before they left Congressman Stewart and Mayor Pike took a “selfie” with the crowd and Congressman Stewart shook and gave high fives to the class.

A special thanks to Principals Neil Cottam and Rod Broadhead for organizing this event for the students to ask questions and get to know their representative.

In attendance: Congressman Chris Stewart, Mayor Jon Pike, Superintendent Larry Bergeson, Principal Neil Cottam, Principal Rod Broadhead