ACT Estimator

The SAGE to ACT estimator can help your student to be better prepared for the ACT test in high school.

ACT Estimator

*Estimations are based on results of 1490 students in 2017. Results from subsequent years may vary. Current performance does not guarantee future results.

SAGE/ACT Estimator

Input your 8th grade SAGE scores below to view a estimation of what your ACT score could be.

Must be between 250-700
Must be between 250-750
Must be between 775-925

The ACT Estimator only works with 8th Grade SAGE scores. You can get these by logging into your PowerSchool Unified Classroom account.

  • Click on the Quick Links on the left menu
  • Click on Main Portal Page
  • Scroll down the left menu to Test Scores
  • Look up the SAGE scaled scores for 8th grade English Language Arts, Math, and Science.

Jot those down and go to the ACT Estimator.

Plug those scores in and see the estimate. You can change the SAGE scores and see how it affects your ACT estimate.

To set-up a PowerSchool Unified Classroom account, go to: