A Message of Hope

A lot of people are struggling, that’s OK. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to seek help. Talk to a teacher. We love and care about you. We are grateful to Dan Reynolds & Imagine Dragons for allowing us to share this message. #SuicidePrevention Safe_UT#WashK12Difference

(Back story): We had the opportunity to see Imagine Dragons live when Dan Reynolds paused his song to speak to the audience about depression, anxiety and having a therapist. For the past couple of weeks, we (Washington County School District) have been seeking permission from Dan and Imagine Dragons to share this message with the children in our school district. Yesterday we got word..."Permission Granted!"

So many children and adults around us struggle with depression and anxiety. It's something Washington County School District is trying to put more of a focus on. It's something we should all talk about.