2020-21 Reopening Schools Plan

The following plan has been approved and accepted by the Washington County School District Board Of Education on the July 27, 2020 board meeting.

This plan conforms with Governor's and the Southwest Public Health Department's orders and guidelines.

Face Covering Mandate: Who has the authority?

Office of the Governor of Utah mandate regarding face coverings in K-12 schools. Link to full mandate here.

Under Utah Code §§ 26-1-30(3), (5), and (6), the Department of Health has the power and duty to promote and protect the health and wellness of the people within the state; to control the causes of epidemic, infectious, communicable, and other diseases affecting the public health; and to prevent and control communicable, infectious, acute, chronic, or any other disease or health hazard that the Department considers to be dangerous, important, or likely to affect the public health. 

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