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5420 Rental Accountability

5420 - Rental Accountability

Building, Grounds, Equipment - Washington County School District - Approved 8-5-87

3. Procedure

The following procedures are to be used when renting District-owned band equipment to students, and the handling of funds derived from the rentals. These procedures are consistent with the District's purchasing, inventory, and control policies:

3.1 Funds collected from students who rent District-owned band equipment are to be properly receipted at the school and deposited in a specific account.

3.2. The proceeds collected are to be paid to the school District office on a monthly basis during the school year.

3.3. Schools will be allowed to hold back no more than 10% of the funds collected to cover refunds. Once all refunds are disbursed at the end of the year, the account should be zeroed out by final payment to the District.

3.4. When District-owned band instruments are in need of repair, the requisition procedure for the use of District funds is to be used as outlined in Board policy.