Remediation and Tutoring

  • Washington County School District provides intervention and remediation opportunities throughout the school year but does not offer other services outside of the school day.
  • Utah Online provides summer school (June/July) opportunities for students in grades 9-12 who are graduation-credit deficient.
  • Dixie State University partners with Tutor Matching Service (TMS). They offer a venue for individuals to provide tutoring services in the community. They retain a list of individuals who are interested in helping students at any grade-level or age. The tutors may set up their own fee. 
Tutor Matching Service
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We encourage parents to use caution when working with outside tutors who are not employees of any education entity and may not have gone through an extensive background-check or fingerprinting process. Here are some suggestions for safety:
  • Attend the tutoring session with your child
  • Meet the tutor in a public library or other public place
  • Insist on modest dress standards.