Graduation Calculator

Choose the link below to open up the Graduation Calculator created by Jon Butler/K12 Counselor Coordinator for Washington County School District.

  1. Begin in the 9th Grade
  2. Find the credits required for the student's graduation year at the school he/she attended for 9th Grade
  3. Enter those credits in each quarter (i.e. Utah Online High School requires 24 credits for the Graduating Class of 2017 so enter the number 24 in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4)
  4. Note: Adjust the number in the quarter if a student transfers to a different school during the school year (i.e. Utah Online 24 for Q1, transfers to Pine View High 30 for Q2 transfers to Enterprise High 32 for Q3 and 32 for Q4.
  5. Enter the required number of credits through each consecutive grade - the number will change at the top of the calculator to show the total number of credits required for graduation based on the schools the student has attended.

Washington County School District  (wcsd)

Credits Required for Graduation From Each High School

WCSD POLICY 4100 - Graduation Requirements/School Credits