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Each student's records may be considered "no longer needed to provide educational services" and will be destroyed three (3) years after the student graduates or three (3) years after the student turns 22., reference 300.624 Procedural Safeguards  (WCSD-Portions of the student files are scanned and available after the three (3) year period.)



Director of Special Education, Interim
Phone: (435) 673-3553 x.5142


Admin. Secretary for Special Education
Phone: (435) 673-3553 x.5147
Fax:  (435) 634-5859


Spec. Educ. Teachers & Related Services Meeting 2/10/14

Karen Bess- Trend Graph   Grad Rate

Sterling Stauffer-  Sample At Risk Inter 

   Sample At Risk Profile    RTI Presentation

KerriLee Brownell-  Serving Students in LRE-Gen Ed

Lee Ann Parkinson & Hollee Cullen-  Teacher Para Roles

   Student Level of Support     LRE & Paras Presentation

Paul Day-  Physical Interaction Guidelines-LRBI

Weldon Mickelson-  ESY Dates   ESY Prep Letter




Transportation Guidelines

*New 10/2013


Newsletter Fall 2013

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Washington County School District provides students with disabilities a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). We provide a continuum of services to meet the needs of students and parents.



Special Education

121 West Tabernacle
Saint George, Utah 84770
T: (435) 673-3553
F: (435) 634-5859

We serve the Special Education needs of the students of Washington County.

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