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Data Privacy

Washington County School District teaches that  digital tools, software, and resources should be used purposefully, thoughtfully, and intentionally. 

  • Purposeful use means educators use technology when and where it offers learning advantages over traditional teaching and learning practices.
  • Thoughtful use means educators evaluate the time students will invest in learning how to use the technology in relation to the increase in learning opportunities afforded by the use of the technology.
  • Intentional use means educators consider how technology will engage the learners, enhance the learning process , and extend the learning beyond the classroom. 

Public Product Library

We use a tool called Learn Platform as a library for the digital products that the district uses. Parents, guardians, and students can see the products here:

Products in this library are listed alphabetically and include approval and privacy information.


  • Green: Students Can Use
  • Orange: Parent Approval
  • Yellow: Conditional Use
  • Red: Can’t be Used

Digital Product Approval Process