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Digital Citizenship

Digital access has become so widespread that there is a significant need to prepare students to properly use these resources and tools.  School and community members play an active role in the process of preparing today’s learners with the knowledge and skills of responsible digital citizens.

Effective digital citizenship curriculum and instruction respects the beliefs of parents, guardians and the community as a whole. The Digital Citizenship curriculum and instruction students in the Washington County School District receive will be based on the following:

  • Legal rights and responsibilities in relation to the use of digital tools and resources.
  • Behaviors that may impact their mental and physical health.
  • Digital citizenship knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will prepare them for success in their community, work and life.
  • Family and community established/reinforced values/beliefs that students will use to determine what information and media they should use and access when they are not at school.

It is under these premises that we will develop and integrate a comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum for all students, at all grades, to better prepare them for the world in which they live and for the future they will create.

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About Us

Washington County School District supports student learning through the use of research based, highly effective teaching practices. We collaborate with teachers in guiding students as they extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom through the use of digital practices, resources, and tools.

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