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District Leadership


Hollee Cullen

Program Oversight, Budget, Due Process, Utah Online, Speech & Vision & USDB Providers


435-673-3553 x5147

Suzy Staheli

Secondary Schools Mild/Mod, Alternative Schools & Placements,  Psychologists, Behavior Staff, IAES

Coordinator II

435-673-3553 x5130

Tylie Holiday

Elementary Schools, Medicaid, DLM

Coordinator I

435-673-3553 x5138

Kendle Salisbury

Post High Administrator, High School Life Skills, Motor, Transition, Secondary Life Skills

Coordinator II

435-634-0092 x4459

Teryl Davis

Curriculum Support, Professional Development, Learning Coach, Website/Newsletter, ESI Lead, Aspen Training

Coordinator I

435-673-3553 x5140

Natalie Larsen

Elementary Schools, Medicaid, DLM

Coordinator I

435-673-3553 x5148

Kael Nisson

Develop Behavior Protocols/Procedures, PD for Teachers/Staff on Behavior Plans,   Aspen Trainer

Behavior Team Leader

Liline Walter

Administrative & Finance Secretary

Finance Secretary

435-673-3553 x5147

Teresa Marre

Medicaid and PowerSchool TSA

PowerSchool TSA

435-673-3553 x5139

Morgan Jolley Stocks

File Management Secretary

File Secretary

435-673-3553 x5137

Greg Joy

Related Services & District Office Technology Support, Website

Technology Specialist

435-673-3553 x5146

Jackie Darrington

Edgenuity Online Program, LEIE scans-Medicaid, PowerSchool Reports

Online TSA

435-628-2462 x5231