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May 13th 8:30AM

Questar has confirmed the server issue has been fixed. RISE testing can resume today. Aggregate reports continue to lag behind student instant scores. The student scores show an accurate scale score and proficiency level; classroom reports will not match until the information has completely gone through the system.  This has been taking more than a week so please be patient. USBE does not recommend sending individual student reports home until there is confirmation that all data reflects student scores. Please continue to report issues to Questar Customer Support.


May 10th 11:06AM

Questar executive leadership is advising that we do not begin any new test sessions at this point due to the issues they are still experiencing. When pressed for a time line, they reported “for the time being, not for the rest of the day.”

More information will be shared when it becomes available.

May 10th 9:52AM
The most recent information provided by Questar is that while their servers are “back up”, they are still experiencing login inconsistencies and are not yet at 100%. I will let you know when more information becomes available.
May 10th 9:13AM
We continue to wait for additional information from Questar, regarding the status of the Nextera system. They are unable to provide a timeline for when the system should be accessible but the latest communication I received stated, “We are just now seeing improvement.” As soon as the system is fully accessible, I will change this status.
May 10th 8:14AM
Questar is currently experiencing issues with their servers which is preventing some schools from accessing Nextera Admin. They are recycling the servers and we will provide an update as soon as we have one.
May 9th 11:02AM
Questar has confirmed that the server issue is resolved. Students can continue testing. If students submitted Session 1 and received the “Locked Out” message, they will not be able to continue testing until tomorrow, following the mass unlocking procedure that will occur tonight. Questar can unlock individual student tests one at a time.  Students who had paused their tests or were in Session 2 can continue testing. Students can also test in a different subject if their current session is locked out
MAY 9th 10:40 AM
Questar has confirmed there is a server issue with submitting tests. Please quarantine the computers to protect student data. Students will be locked out of session 2 if they have submitted at the end of session 1.  USBE will continue to update you on the progress.

WCSD Network
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During our testing window of the school year you will see this panel to the left which indicates that health of our network. If the bar is Green things are good, yellow we are seeing issues and red means the network is down.

Questions? Please call - 435-673-3553 x 5159

No issues to report at this time.