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Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the quality of education of the students of Washington County School District by providing the resources necessary through private funding that are not provided through the traditional sources.

The students we serve are the future leaders of our communities, our state and our country. They may be our doctor, our lawyer, our home builder or our grocery store manager. What ever their dream is, we can help them accomplish it. If our students are given a more enriched education and are learning stronger skills, they will help our country to remain strong. We invite you to help us with this effort. Your donation to any of our programs will assist us in helping our students and teachers.

About Us

The Washington County School District Foundation supports the students of Washington County by providing the resources required for a quality education that are not provided through traditional funding sources. The expertise of the Board and their contacts will:

  • Promote the Foundation within the community
  • Respond to the needs of the students of Washington County
  • Orchestrate the efforts of the Foundation
  • Validate the Foundation’s existence by adhering to the standards of a 501(c)(3)
  • Inform educators of the value of working with the Foundation
  • Direct other fundraising efforts in support of the students
  • Educate potential donors to the benefits of giving through the Foundation

Foundation Board

foundation board

Front Row- l to r - Diane Tyler,  Pam Graf, Beverly Brimley, Paul Hatch, Gretchen Glendenning, Wes Jensen | Second Row - Heather Cox, Ben Lindquist, Rick Schofield, Chris Jones, John Anderson, Larry Bergeson | Third Row - Clay Denos, Jared Wade, Curtis Jensen, Brandon Vandermyde, Ruben Garcia, Dean Cox | Not Pictured- LaRene Cox, Mary Jane Hafen, Tyler Todd, Steve Wilson