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Human Resource Department

Darin Thomas
Executive Director of Human Resources

Kesha Schultz
Assistant Director of Human Resources
(435) 673-3553 x5117

Employment Verifications

If you need to verify an employee please call us at  (435) 673-3553 x5129

Denise Thompson
HR Admin Secretary, Secondary Ed Staffing 
(435) 673-3553 x5121

Jamie Bauman
Elementary Ed Staffing
(435) 673-3553 x5141

Helen Duckworth
Online Schools, Preschools, & Auxiliary Locations/Departments Staffing, Extra Duty Staffing
(435) 673-3553 x5122

Jennifer Moffitt
Educator Licensing
(435) 673-3553 x5133

Rochelle Yates & Lynne Rawlings
Customer Assistance / Front Desk
(435) 673-3553 x5100

Tammara Robinson
Benefits & Leave Coordinator
(435) 673-3553 x5119

Mitzi Lytle
Employee Wellness Program
(435) 673-3553 x5120

Marci Ware
Employee Benefits
(435) 673-3553 x5105

Amanda Amaya
Employee Leave
(435) 673-3553 x5116

Michael Lee
Risk Management Coordinator
(435) 673-3553 x5110

Cyndi Morris
Background Checks & Coach Staffing
(435) 673-3553 x5115

Fingerprinting Appointments for Background Check

To schedule a time to have your fingerprints taken for a background check, please use our reservation system.