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The Meaning of Accreditation

Accreditation allows an institution to award valid credit that meets high educational standards. Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority or credibility is presented. The accreditation process ensures that an institution’s certification practices are acceptable, typically meaning that they are competent to test and certify third parties, behave ethically and employ suitable quality assurance. 

The following middle and high schools in Washington County School District are fully accredited:

Middle Schools

  • Crimson Cliffs Middle

  • Desert Hills Middle

  • Dixie Middle

  • Hurricane Middle

  • Pine View Middle

  • Snow Canyon Middle

High Schools

  • Crimson Cliffs High

  • Career Tech High

  • Desert Hills High

  • Dixie High

  • Enterprise High

  • Hurricane High

  • Millcreek High

  • Pine View High

  • Snow Canyon High

  • Utah Online School

  • Water Canyon High

History of Accreditation in WCSD

Washington County School District has been accredited through Northwest Association of Accredited Schools since 1963.  In the 2011/12 School Year, Northwest merged with AdvancED Education Inc. In the 2020/21 school year Advance Ed merged with Cognia.  

Secondary Education

121 West Tabernacle
St. George, Utah 84770
T: (435) 673-3553
F: (435) 673-3216
Monday - Friday | 7:30am - 4pm

Asst. Superintendent, Sec. Ed.

Cheri Stevenson
435-673-3553 x5158

Administrative Secretary

Mandi Peck
435-673-3553 x5158
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We are fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission a division of AdvancED


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