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Health Curriculum


    UTAH LAW R27-474

    Washington County School District has an active Curriculum Materials Review Committee that meets once a year to discuss the Utah State Office of Education recommended materials and curriculum. They may also review suggested resources and materials submitted from outside sources and approve such resources if they meet the criteria and standards of the Utah Core. The Health Committee is made up of: 

    • One – district administrator
    • Two – secondary-Level health teachers
    • One – school principal/administrator
    • Two – professional or private practice medical personnel
    • Four – parents and/or PTA officers

    Health curriculum educators in the Washington County School District complete a Utah State Office of Education sponsored training. This training is essential in clarifying appropriate responses regarding human sexuality that may stem from instruction in the following subject areas:

    • Health I
    • Health II
    • Family and Consumer Sciences teachers
      • Adult Roles and Responsibilities
      • Adult Roles and Financial Literacy
      • Child Development
      • Teen Living
    • Science Teachers
      • Inheritance
      • Population genetics
      • Meiosis
      • Reproductive Systems 

    As a school district we support parents in their efforts to teach students.

  • Policy 2800 Parent Involvement in the Education Process

    (These laws and policies protect the privacy of students, their parents, and their families and supports parental involvement in the public education of their children)

    Parents must receive the Parent/Guardian Consent Form from the Utah State Office of Education regarding Human Sexuality instruction  no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of instruction:

    Washington County School District Consent Form #943

    The beginning paragraph of the form reads…..

    As part of your child’s education, he/she has enrolled in a course that includes instruction on topics related to human sexuality. You are receiving this consent form because instruction and/or discussion of human sexuality topics are controlled by state law and/or Utah State Board of Education rule. Please read the form carefully, select one option, sign, and return to the teacher identified above. Your student will not be allowed to participate in class activities without this completed and signed form on file. Thank you.

    This form also gives

    • assurances of curriculum that is NOT approved by the State Board of Education
    • assurances that guidelines, rules and regulations will be followed
    • specific curriculum topics that will be discussed
    • options/choices to grant or deny participation
  • Any parent or guardian whose student is enrolled in Health (7th or 10th grade) in Washington County School District may request an appeal of curriculum used in the state mandated Human Sexuality program.

    Fill out the form found at the end of this document titled “REQUEST FOR APPEAL OF CURRICULUM FOR HUMAN SEXUALITY” and return it to the District Health Coordinator.

    Upon receipt of the formal written request form for the appeal of curriculum for Human Sexuality, the District Health Coordinator shall convene a committee to review the request for resolution. The committee will consist of the following:

    • At least one parent from the existing Health Curriculum and Approval Committee.
    • A District Health Teacher
    • A District Nurse
    • District Health Coordinator
    • District Secondary Superintendent

    The stakeholder submitting the appeal for the curriculum, and all teachers, parents and staff members who have served on the committee shall receive written notice of the decision within 15 days after convening.

    If a satisfactory agreement can not be reached after consideration by the District committee, the District Secondary Superintendent shall forward the information to the District Superintendent of Schools for a final decision.

    Human Sexuality Curriculum Appeals Form