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Home School

  • Home School

    As stated in Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102, local school boards may grant to parents the option of instructing their children at home “in the subjects prescribed by the State Board of Education in accordance with the law for the same length of time as minors are required by law to be taught in the district schools.”

    The State prescribed branches of learning are:

    • Elementary Schools: Reading, language arts, mathematics, science, music, art, social studies, and physical education.
    • Middle Schools: English (2 units), social studies (1.5 units) including Utah and U.S. History, mathematics (2 units), Healthy lifestyles (1.5 units), science (1.5 units), elective (1 unit), Career and Technical Ed. (1.5 units), art and music (1.0)
    • High Schools: Communications (3 units, 2 of which must be English Language Arts); social studies (2 units, one of which must be American History and Government); mathematics (1unit); science (1 unit); health (1/2 unit); development of an individual education plan by the student (grades 7-12) content which must include a tentative career goal.

    The State Board of Education requires school to be held for 180 days each year. The time requirements are as follows: need to average 4.5 hours per day for grade one (810 hours) and 5.5 hours per day for grades two through twelve (990 hours).

    Exemption form can be picked up at the district office and the completed, notarized form can be submitted to the School District Office for the Superintendent’s signature. A certificate will be issued and sent to the parent/guardian.

  • Forms / Policy

  • Procedures for Requesting Home School Status

     Compulsory Attendance Exemption Certificates can be picked up at the school where the student is enrolled or the School District Office. The information on the form must be completed. The form should be submitted to the School District Office for the Superintendent’s signature. A copy will be sent to the school and the parent/guardian. Parents should, also, contact the principal of the last school attended to determine if matters relating to books and fees have been taken care of.

    Students exempted from compulsory public school education by the local board for instruction in home school may be eligible for participation in extracurricular public school activities provided they are taking courses comparable to traditional school courses or earning credit under options outlined in R277-700-6. The home school student may only participate in extracurricular or school day activities at the school within whose boundaries the student’s custodial parent(s) or legal guardian resides.

  • UPDATED 902 Compulsory Attendance 2023