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Acceleration / Retention

Utah Code 53G-6-803 emphasizes that a student’s parent is the primary person responsible for the education of the student; therefore, a parent has the right to reasonable accommodations which shall be considered on an individual basis and no student shall be considered to a greater or lesser degree than any other student. This includes: 
Retention: The school/district shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s written request to retain a student in kindergarten through grade 8 on grade level based on the student’s academic ability or the student’s social, emotional, or physical maturity.  The school team must provide data in all areas is required, as well as a review of the research regarding retention with the parent. Other considerations may include the resources available at the school, teacher workload, safety/behavioral impact, academic impact.  
Acceleration: The school/district shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s written request to place a student in a specialized class, a specialized program, or an advanced course. The school/district shall consider multiple academic data points when determining if this accommodation is appropriate. This process includes assessments and surveys and must be facilitated by the District Gifted/Talented Coordinator.