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Smart Snacks

Purpose: Create an Environment that Reinforces Healthy Eating Habits, Promote Student Health and Lifelong Wellness

As part of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act, “Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in Schools”, also referred to as the “Smart Snacks Rule”, is an interim final rule. This rule creates practical science-based nutritional standards and guidelines which must be met by ALL foods (snacks and beverages) sold outside of the school meals program on the school campus, during the entire school day.  This rule applies to a la carte foods, vending machines, school stores, snack bars and fundraisers. Fundraisers are defined as an event that includes any activity during which currency/tokens/tickets, etc. are exchanged for the sale/purchase of a product in support of the school or school-related activities.  A vending machine may be considered a fundraiser when the profits are used to support a school-sponsored club or activity (school band, football team, etc.).  A limited number of fundraisers may be allowed that do not meet the standards, those during non-school hours. The rule does not affect food sold after school, on weekend, and off campus:  concessions, foods/snacks students bring from home, classroom events (birthdays, holiday parties, etc), teacher lounges.  The rule goes into effect July 1, 2014; however schools may gradually phase in the changes over the first year.