• 2018 Bond Information

2018 Bond Information

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Tax Payers Association award

Washington County School District was presented with the “leader in cost-effective school building construction” award for the State of Utah. The Utah Taxpayers Association recognized Washington County School District for our low-cost, tilt-up school building construction method.

“Washington County School District has proven that school buildings can be built to last, and still be cost effective and efficient,” said Howard Stephenson, president of the Utah Taxpayers Association and State Senator from Draper. “They’ve shown that new school buildings can look good and still save tax-payer dollars.”

Tilt-up school building construction has been used in Washington County School District for more than 15 years. It has been shown to be 20-25 percent less expensive than traditional construction methods. School buildings in Washington County have a 60+ year life expectancy, and have been proven to be up to 38 percent more energy efficient than schools built just 25 years ago.

The Utah Taxpayers Association Award Plaque

Plaque Inscription: The Utah Taxpayers Association - recognizes - WASHINGTON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT - as Utah's leader in cost-effective school building construction. September 28, 2017

Bond Quick Facts

  • The amount of the proposed bond is $125 million
  • The bond is tax neutral meaning taxes will not increase but would be frozen at today’s tax rate
  • The proposed bond will fund new security measures for ALL schools in Washington County
  • The proposed bond will fund 3 new schools
  • More than 2,000 NEW students are projected to enroll in the District by 2020-21

For more info, please visit - washk12.org/bond

How Can Washington County's Tax Rate Remain the same with the 2018 bond?

  • Structuring new bonds in layers: As old debt is paid off, new bonds will be issued reducing the impact on taxpayers.

  • Refinancing of old debt and aggressive pay-off of previous bonds.

  • Accelerated growth in our community because of new residences.

  • Our AAA rating is comparable to a personal credit score of 850 (FICO).

Why Bond?

Southern Utah's population is exploding. Here are a few news articles that speak to this. 

  • USA Today - St. George, Utah, is nation’s fastest-growing metro area, Census says
  • KSL News - 5 Reasons St. George is America's Fastest-Growing City

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