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  • There will be a hearing to discuss arguments at the School Board Meeting at 4:30pm on October 9, 2018 – 121 W Tabernacle.

Utah Taxpayers Association recognition award for 2017

Taxpayers Association Award

Washington County School District was presented with the “leader in cost-effective school building construction” award for the State of Utah. The Utah Taxpayers Association recognized Washington County School District for our low-cost, tilt-up school building construction method.

“Washington County School District has proven that school buildings can be built to last, and still be cost effective and efficient,” said Howard Stephenson, president of the Utah Taxpayers Association and State Senator from Draper. “They’ve shown that new school buildings can look good and still save tax-payer dollars.”

Tilt-up school building construction has been used in Washington County School District for more than 15 years. It has been shown to be 20-25 percent less expensive than traditional construction methods. School buildings in Washington County have a 60+ year life expectancy, and have been proven to be up to 38 percent more energy efficient than schools built just 25 years ago.

Bond Quick Facts

  • The amount of the proposed bond is $125 million
  • The bond is tax neutral meaning taxes will not increase but would be frozen at today’s tax rate
  • The proposed bond will fund new security measures for ALL schools in Washington County
  • The proposed bond will fund 3 new schools
  • More than 2,000 NEW students are projected to enroll in the District by 2020-21

For more info, please visit –

How can Washington County’s tax rate remain the same with the 2018 Bond?

  • Structuring new bonds in layers: As old debt is paid off, new bonds will be issued reducing the impact on taxpayers.

  • Refinancing of old debt and aggressive pay-off of previous bonds.

  • Accelerated growth in our community because of new residences.

  • Our AAA rating is comparable to a personal credit score of 850 (FICO).

Why Bond?

  • Southern Utah’s population is exploding. Here are a few news articles that speak to this. 

    • USA Today – St. George, Utah, is nation’s fastest-growing metro area, Census says
    • KSL News – 5 Reasons St. George is America’s Fastest-Growing City

        BOND Projects – 2019-2023… 2019 2020 2021 2022
        Note: Ages shown for schools were as of 2017        
      Arrowhead El 13 yrs old
      AES Fluid Cooler – tower heat exchanger   x    
      AES New phone system x      
      AES Replace heat pump enclosures in classrooms x      
      Bloomington El 33 yrs old
      BES New marquee x      
      BES Reconfigure kitchen serving line and install new overhead coiling doors     x  
      BES LED lighting x      
      BES Overflow drains in mech wells x      
      BES Replace intercom x      
      BES New HVAC controls system   x    
      BES Replace obsolete electrical panels       x
      Bloomington Hills El 23 yrs old
      BHES New fixtures in restrooms and repair tile and walls as needed       x
      BHES Mondo flooring in multi-purpose room       x
      BHES New marquee x      
      BHES Carpet in halls     x  
      BHES Replace phone system     x  
      BHES New Cat6 wire (tech dept) x      
      BHES Add conduit and fiber between Pre School and main bldg. (tech) x      
      Coral Canyon El 13 yrs old
      CorCan Fluid Cooler/heat exchanger   x    
      CorCan Replace gym lights with LED x      
      CorCan Electronic marquee x      
      CorCan Replace intercom system     x  
      CorCan Cover for tree planters on patio in back, tree grates x      
      CorCan Replace phone system     x  
      Coral Cliffs El 21 yrs old
      CorClfs Replace Intercom, clock system   x    
      CorClfs Gym sound system x      
      CorClfs Front drainage system x      
      CorClfs Fix track, needs curb     x  
      CorClfs Replace phone system     x  
      CorClfs Keyless entry system (Fob) x      
      CorClfs Replace HVAC controls system x      
      CorClfs Replace HVAC roof top units x      
      CorClfs LED rest of school     x  
      Desert Hills High 9 yrs old
      DHHS terrace slope under visitor side grandstands and replace rock mulch, close area off with fencing x      
      DHHS Stage rigging maintenance x      
      DHHS Keyless entry system (Fob) x      
      DHHS Repair or replace aux gym bleachers x      
      Desert Hills Middle 17 yrs old
      DHMS Replace VCT with LVT throughout building       x
      DHMS Replace phone system x      
      DHMS Keyless entry system (Fob) x      
      DHMS Replace water to water heat pumps x      
      Diamond Valley El 21 yrs old
      DVES Replace old phone system   x    
      DVES Electronic marquee x      
      DVES Fire panel     x  
      DVES New HVAC units and controls system     x  
      DVES Replace spalled concrete and add ice melt system at front entry x      
      District Office 15 yrs old
      D.O. Replace worn carpet various locations in bulding x      
      Dixie High 14 yrs old
      DHS Reconstruct running track 2019 or ASAP x      
      DHS Replace McQuay chiller x      
      DHS Replace camera system x      
      DHS Plate and frame heat exchanger to prevent running it in winter       x
      DHS Replace Tracer Summit Trane controls x      
      DHS ERU units replaced or fixed in main building   x    
      DHS Relight the building with LED       x
      DHS Replace Gym sound system x      
      Dixie Sun El 27 yrs old
      DSE Remodel kitchen serving line and add overhead coiling door   x    
      DSE Office remodel and addition   x    
      DSE Security cameras x      
      DSE Replace obsolete residential grade electrical panels     x  
      DSE Replace phone system x      
      DSE Replace plumbing fixtures       x
      Enterprise El 20 yrs old
      EES 4 classroom addition     x  
      EES Replace damaged plumbing fixtures in the classrooms and restrooms     x  
      EES New LED lights for the multi-purpose room     x  
      EES Replace HVAC equipment     x  
      EES Sound system for the gym     x  
      EES Add parking lot in front of the Muli-purpose building     x  
      EES Carpet halls   x    
      EES Gator and snow plow   x    
      Enterprise High 31-22-12 yrs old
      EHS Classroom addition and building remodel – depends on scope of work     x  
      EHS 90 ft retaining wall at stadium   x    
      EHS Move shot-put to the D area of the football field and ashalt the area     x  
      EHS Replace fiber optic cable between Enterprise High School and Elementary (tech dept)   x    
      Heritage El 10 yrs old
      HRTG Electronic marquee x      
      HRTG Keyless entry system (Fob) x      
      HRTG Carpet hallways throughout building       x
      HRTG Upgrade Controls       x
      Horizon El 12 yrs old
      HRZ Remove rocks from front detention basin and landscape- add retaining wall at slope behind houses x      
      HRZ Keyless entry system (Fob) x      
      HRZ Replace Fire Alarm Panel       x
      HRZ Replace fluid cooler and heat exchanger       x
      Hurricane El 9 yrs old
      HurPreSc Hurricane PreSchool Building x      
      HES Upgrade Controls       x
      Hurricane Inter 13 yrs old
      HIS Add storage closets at recesses in boys restrooms – 4   x    
      HIS Replace phone system   x    
      HIS Camera system x      
      HIS Replace fluid cooler and flat plate exchanger       x
      HIS Replace HVAC controls system       x
      Hurricane High 6 yrs old
      HHS Add motors to bleachers in aux gym x      
      HHS Replace Sound system at football field       x
      HHS Replace lights in Gym with LED lights   x    
      HHS Upgrade Controls       x
      Hurricane Middle 26-4 yrs old
      HMS Rebuild track with curbing and asphalt x      
      HMS Pave bus storage yard and roadway x      
      HMS Replace old chain link fencing and the gates installed by neighbors with block screen wall (approx 1,000 LF) x      
      HMS Replace remaining VAV boxes   x    
      HMS Finish upgrade to controls system       x
      HMS Replace phone system x      
      HMS Finish rock mulch at east fence line and landscape both sides of south entrance x      
      Lava Ridge Inter 16 yrs old
      LRIS New countertops in the office   x    
      LRIS Fence around the west and south ends of the campus x      
      LRIS Replace fire panel x      
      LRIS Replace the water to water heat pumps     x  
      LaVerkin El 35 yrs old
      LaVrk Add attendance window and remodel front office area x      
      LaVrk Replace counters and cupboards in 10 rooms     x  
      LaVrk Lighting upgrade in older section x      
      LaVrk Intercom and phone upgrade   x    
      LaVrk Add new door out of gym/lunch room at northwest corner x      
      LaVrk New HVAC 24 classrooms     x  
      LaVrk Fire sprinkler in building including new water main (Move to next year bond) x      
      LaVrk Need additional parking lot and correct drainage problem     x  
      LaVrk Replace obsolete switch gear   x    
      LaVrk Replace outside hose bibbs x      
      LaVrk Keyless entry system (fob) x      
      Little Valley El 14 yrs old
      LVLY Remove/replace partitions around a/c units to cabinets in classrooms x      
      LVLY Replace fluid cooler and flat plate heat exchanger       x
      Maintenance Shop 9 yrs old
      Maint Need additional covered storage areas and shop expansion   x    
      Millcreek High 16 yrs old
      MHS Keyless entry system x      
      MHS Replace HVAC controls system       x
      Panorama El 32 yrs old
      PANO Sinks replaced in west hall classrooms (14) x      
      PANO New drinking fountains by bathrooms in halls (6) x      
      PANO Replace HVAC units (one-half of building)   x    
      PANO Toilet partitions     x  
      PANO Carpet and base in classrooms, hallways and entries x      
      PANO Eliminate obsolete tube lights in hall and replace with LED lights     x  
      Pine View High 34-26-12 yrs. Old
      PVHS Expand, remodel lunchroon/commons/kitchen etc x      
      PVHS Running track/new asphalt and polyurethane 2020 x      
      PVHS New exterior doors in math hall, ramp, south entrance x      
      PVHS Replace drinking fountains in gym area – in house x      
      PVHS New lighting – public walkways at football stadium – replace in front, continue around (WAG) x      
      PVHS Key fob entry system x      
      PVHS Upgrade/new tile restrooms in south main hall near gym x      
      PVHS Abate and replace asbestos tile in lower hall and north end x      
      PVHS Replace lower hall ceiling tile and lights x      
      PVHS Replace all 30×60 obsolete ceiling tile and lights with 24×48 tiles and LED fixtures x      
      PVHS Replace north Trane units x      
      PVHS Replace water piping phase 2       x
      PVHS Replace Trane chiller (uses R-22 coolant- no longer available)       x
      PVHS Replace cooling tower on roof       x
      PVHS Replace HVAC controls system   x    
      PVHS 10 heat pump closets x      
      PVHS 75 VAV boxes   x    
      Pine View Middle 30-5 yrs old
      PVMS Sound system in gym x      
      PVMS New exterior doors (revise scope of work, incorperate with security upgrade) x      
      Replace fire sprinkler system – glycol anti-freeze no longer available (original design dry system-no drainage)
      PVMS Replace choir room HVAC x      
      PVMS Replace VAV boxes (60)   x x  
      PVMS Finish replacing controls HVAC repair air handlers, valves     x  
      PVMS Foundation repair       x
      PVMS New LED lighting       x
      PVMS Replace wall carpet   x    
      PVMS Floor tile replaced   x    
      Post High School 10 yrs old
      PHS Post High School Expansion – Need scope of work (portable)     x  
      PstHigh Install intercom system x      
      Red Mountain El 20 yrs old
      RDMTN New HVAC   x    
      RDMTN New LED lights in gym x      
      RDMTN New toilet partitions x      
      RDMTN New clock/intercom system   x    
      RDMTN New phone system   x    
      RDMTN Gym sound system     x  
      Riverside El 14 yrs old
      RVRSD Keyless entry x      
      RVRSD Intercom system   x    
      RVRSD Carpet in classrooms – LVT and VCT   x    
      RVRSD LED lights in multipurpose room   x    
      RVRSD Cooling tower/ flat plate heat exchanger       x
      RVRSD Add conduit and fiber between Pre School and main bldg (tech) x      
      Sandstone El 18 yrs old
      SAND New key fob entry system x      
      SAND New rooftop a/c units     x  
      SAND Fire panel     x  
      SAND Intercom     x  
      SAND Rock on south side of school x      
      SAND Concrete sidewalk replaced on the north side x      
      Santa Clara El 39-11 yrs old
      SCES Replace cabinets in 6 -7 more rooms x      
      SCES Intercom     x  
      SCES new phone system   x    
      SCES Seals on exterior windows (replace windows?)   x    
      SCES Key fob system x      
      SCES Bike racks 100 stalls x      
      SCES Replace plumbing fixtures       x
      SCES New walk-in freezer/coolers   x    
      SCES Upgrade Controls       x
      Snow Canyon High 23-11 yrs old
      SCHS New home football grandstands Football complex x      
      SCHS Remodel library, including circulation and book storage       x
      SCHS Repaint small gym x      
      SCHS Replace lockers in men and women locker rooms x      
      SCHS Replace all ceiling tile x      
      SCHS LED lights in classrooms and hallways x      
      SCHS Replace lights under duct work in gym with LED     x  
      SCHS Replace misc exterior and interior doors   x    
      SCHS Restrooms at baseball/softball complex need expansion        
      SCHS Door and hardware replacement throughout the school     x  
      SCHS Remove cabinets/replace with computer counters in room 100, 101   x    
      SCHS Replace auditorium seating 850 @ $200   x    
      SCHS Replace lecture seating in room 301 60 @ $200   x    
      SCHS New school satellite clock system x      
      SCHS Score clock in small gym x      
      SCHS Remodel office area and receptionist desk   x    
      SCHS Replace all outside stadium light bulbs with LED w/football complex upgrade x      
      SCHS VAV replacement 100 left   x    
      SCHS New building controls   x    
      SCHS Remove rocks in parking lot island and replace with concrete x      
      SCHS Remove lava hill at parking lot entrance       x
      SCHS Epoxy floor in woodshop x      
      SCHS Epoxy indoor running track x      
      SCHS Carpeting in mensand womens locker rooms       x
      SCHS New rubber flooring in fitness room x      
      SCHS Replace floor tile in school LVT     x  
      SCHS Replace obsolete electrical panels and switch gear       x
      SCHS New Cat6 wire (tech dept) x      
      SCHS Add conduit and fiber between Pre School and main bldg. (tech) x      
      SCHS Upgrade Controls     x  
      SCHS Add bus driver parking lot, expand bus storage area x      
      Snow Canyon Middle 25 yrs old
      SCMS LED lighting in gym   x    
      SCMS 43 bathroom faucets and flush valves       x
      SCMS Replace duct heaters and RTU coil units x      
      SCMS New control system x      
      SCMS Sound system in gym     x  
      SCMS Bleacher repairs x      
      SCMS New Cat6 wire (tech dept) x      
      SCMS Replace hot water boiler       x
      Springdale Elementary 42 yrs old
      SPRNG Office, reception entry addition and kitchen upgrade with serving line and lunch area x      
      SPRNG LED lights in classrooms x      
      SPRNG Fire sprinklers x      
      SPRNG Keyless entry x      
      Sunrise Ridge Inter 11 yrs old
      SRIS Expansion joint at other side of building x      
      SRIS Sidewalk at kitchen x      
      SRIS Bike rack concrete x      
      SRIS Upgrade controls       x
      Sunset El 33 yrs old
      SUNST New phones x      
      SUNST Replace obsolete electrical panels       x
      SUNST Replace controls       x
      SUNST Parking lot design – Alpha Expand parking spaces and fix flooding problems     x  
      SUNST Key fob system, 8 doors x      
      SUNST Intercom x      
      SUNST Landscape at bike racks and new asphalt x      
      SUNST Exterior lighting x      
      SUNST Re do lighting entire school       x
      SUNST Replace long skylight above halls x      
      SUNST Add overflow roof drains to mechanical wells x      
      Three Falls El 22-18 yrs old
      TFLLS New serving line and kitchen remodel       x
      TFLLS New HVAC and controls   x    
      TFLLS New window blinds, classrooms, offices, etc   x    
      TFLLS New countertops in 10 classrooms   x    
      TFLLS New toilet partitions   x    
      TFLLS Fix grade problems at storage shed x      
      TFLLS Concrete at bus parking x      
      TFLLS Carpet hallways x      
      Tonaquint Inter 12 yrs old
      TONQ Motorize the roll-up door at the finance window in the main office x      
      TONQ Add attendance window into the front entry hall x      
      TONQ Replace fluid cooler       x
      Transportation Bldg 19 yrs old
      TRNSP Addition, add bus bays, remove bus lift vault, make floor flat or install in-ground hoist, each side   x    
      TRNSP Fire sprinkler system   x    
      TRNSP New HVAC in office areas with controls system   x    
      TRNSP Fire alarm panel   x    
      TRNSP Add Radios and Cameras for remaining buses that aren’t equiped with them x      
      TRNSP Light bus parking/storage area x      
      Warehouse 12 yrs old
      WRHS Addition to warehouse walk-in coolers, restrooms   x    
      WRHS New camera system   x    
      WRHS OSB Shelves at pallet racks   x    
      WRHS New delivery trucks, etc x      
      WRHS Pallet wrapping machine x      
      WRHS Replace Lighting control system   x    
      Water Canyon El 32 yrs old
      WCES New intercom x      
      WCES New phone system x      
      WCES Key fobs entire elementary x      
      WCES New carpet remainder of school x      
      WCES Parking lot x      
      WCES Fix road east end of Newell Avenue x      
      WCES Replace obsolete switch gear and panels       x
      WCES New parking lights x      
      WCES New HVAC contols system       x
      Water Canyon High 13-3 yrs old
      WCHS Vocational building   x    
      WCHS Sports fields -track, baseball, softball, & landscape 5 acres & fence (1A)     x  
      WCS Remodel old power building into custodial space   x    
      Washington El 39 yrs old
      WASH LED lights in TLC room x      
      WASH Kitchen T line       x
      WASH Relocate flag pole, remodel front x      
      WASH Finish replacing water piping       x
      WASH Remodel restrooms – kindergarten, faculty       x
      WASH Add overflow roof drains x      
      WASH Carpet the halls   x    
      WASH Recarpet kindergarten rooms x      
      WASH New Roof Top Units (RTU)       x
      General Finish installing CO detectors mandated by the State Legislature x x x  
      New Construction
        2 New Elementary Schools   x x  
        CT High School       x
        Grounds Department        
      Playground Management (future) Note: surfacing is required by code, shade structures are a Board Decision
        Bloomington El, playground surfacing x      
        Bloomington Hills El, playground surfacing x      
        playground sunshades x      
        Bloomington Hills PreSchool, playground equip/surfacing x      
        Coral Canyon El, playground surfacing x      
        Coral Cliffs El, playground surfacing x      
        playground sunshades x      
        Diamond Valley El, playground surfacing x      
        playground sunshades x      
        Dixie Sun El, playground surfacing x      
        playground sunshades x      
      Enterprise El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      Heritage El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      Hurricane El, playground surfacing
      Hurricane PreSchool, playground equip/surfacing
         Horizon El, playground sunshade x      
      LaVerkin El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      Little Valley El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
         Panorama El, playgrounds surfacing, and equipment x      
      playground sunshades
      Red Mountain El, playground surfacing
      Riverside El, playground surfacing
      Sandstone El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      Santa Clara El, playground surfacing
      Springdale El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      Three Falls El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      Water Canyon El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
      playground equipment
      Washington El, playground surfacing
      playground sunshades
        Portable Classrooms        
      Replace vinyl siding with aluminum on Portables 16,21,22, 32, 33, 43,46, 48, 54, 55
          x x
        Security Upgrades        
      ELEM Arrowhead Elementary, Bloomington Hills, Coral Canyon, Coral Cliffs, Crimson View, Diamond Valley, Dixie Sun, Enterprise Elem, Heritage, Horizon,Hurricane Elem. Little Valley, Majestic Fields, Red Mountain, Riverside, Sandstone, Three Falls  x      
      ELEM Springdale Elem – x      
      ELEM Santa Clara Elem – x      
      ELEM Water Canyon Elem x      
      INTERM Fossil Ridge, Hurricane, Lava Ridge, Sunrise Ridge, Tonaquint  x      
      MIDDLE Desert Hills Middle, Dixie Middle, Hurricane Middle, Pine View Middle  x      
      MIDDLE Snow Canyon Middle x      
      ALL Digitize plans for all schools   x    

      District Office

      121 West Tabernacle
      St. George, Utah 84770
      T: (435) 673-3553
      F: (435) 673-3216
      Monday - Friday | 7:30am - 4pm

      Please consider donating to the students of Washington County


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