Tax Initiative

Becoming Debt Free in 2023

Image of hands, paper, pencil and calculatorWith only 6 debt-free school districts in Utah, Washington County is poised to become the seventh debt-free school district in the state.

We've spent the past five years preparing to become self sufficient, living within our budget, and not asking taxpayers to approve future bonds for new construction.

In doing so, we will also save taxpayers more than $10 million dollars each year in interest payments, we will not have any interest bearing loans and we will live completely within our annual budget.

This will be a tremendous benefit for our taxpayers and our community.

The Plan:

  • Shift taxes from one account to another
  • Taxpayers realize a slight decrease in taxes
  • The District becomes debt free and more self sufficient
  • Taxpayers save $10.6 million dollars every year in interest payments
  • The District pays cash for all new construction, saving taxpayers millions
  • The District never asks taxpayers to fund a bond for new construction again!

Support the new tax Initiative!

The Plan Outline

The Plan - English eL Plan - español

Tax Reduction Explained - How this works

tax rate image

Tax Reduction Explained - English Explicación de la reducción de impuestos - español